Top tips when booking budget accommodation

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Holidays are the perfect chance to unwind and relax. However, as the cost of your holidays builds, so may your stress levels. To cut your bills without the use of scissors, follow these top tips for booking budget accommodation.



This is the first and most important step to take when booking budget accommodation. Take into consideration the time of the year, and where you hope to travel. Typically great accommodation options can be found at a lower price in the off-season. Just remember to avoid school holidays where possible.



When looking for the perfect place, don't forget to take into account the surrounding area. There's little point in booking yourself into a cheap hotel if you have to spend large sums of money on transport to and from nearby towns. Look into areas with public transport or within walking distance of local attractions, beaches, food outlets, and other tourist activities.


Don’t stick to a single booking site

There are so many booking sites on the web to choose from, comparing all your options is the best way to keep money in your back pocket. Comparison websites don’t always explore every option, so it's essential to do some digging around yourself.


Call the hotel

Many hotels allow you to bargain with them directly. Once you've found online quotes from your research, talk to the manager about matching or lowering the price of your room. They may even have their own exclusive deals. Remember, some online websites don't take into account booking fees and other amenities. Directly contacting the hotel will often give you a more accurate price.


Be flexible

Don’t lock in dates too early. Deals and other bargains may come up as your research continues. It may be too late if you've already booked your flights, however. Next time, think about locking in your flights and accommodation simultaneously.



It's important to take into account how much time you'll be spending in your hotel. Will you just be sleeping there or spending the majority of your time inside the hotel? You don't want to spend extra money on amenities you won't need (such as high-speed Internet, massages or uniformed staff) if you'll only be using your hotel as a pit stop between activities. But if the hotel is the destination and main attraction of your holiday, then spend a bit extra on added services.


Free Cancellations

Does the hotel you've chosen to stay in do refunds? If a better offer arises at the last minute, you want to be able to accept it without suffering the consequences of your previous booking’s cancellation policy.


Loyalty Programs

Sign up for Frequent Flyer programs that reward you with points that can become free breakfasts, discounts on accommodation, and free Internet. These frequent price deductions will make a tremendous difference in the overall cost of your holiday.


Spend more time enjoying your holiday by the side of a pool or hiking through the mountains, without any added stress. Research and hunt down better deals to find your perfect holiday.


Safe travels!