Top tips when choosing quality accommodation when you’re on a budget

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While sleeping is a big part of going on an adventure and finding a cosy place to lay your head after a big day of exploring is appealing; having extra dollars in your pocket is also exciting. If you're on a budget for your next holiday, there are still ways you can opt for quality accommodation and still reap the benefits of a healthy hip pocket.


In this article, we’re putting forward some of our top tips to help you get those suitcases packed, without the financial guilt.


Know your budget

Remember that your budget will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your destination
  • The style and comfort level you have in mind
  • How many will be travelling with you
  • The interests and places you’d like to visit.


Additionally, prices for couples differ significantly from that for families or a solo traveller, so make sure you do your research first.


If you’re a family that’s looking for a longer getaway, we recommend using apartments. These cost-effective choices offer several benefits and give you financial advantages at the same time:


  • A kitchen within your private accommodation so you don’t have to eat out every night;
  • Separate bedrooms to make life easier when you have a family in tow;
  • Ability to do your laundry on site.


Pro tip: If you are travelling with several friends of family members, we recommend booking a three or four-bedroom apartment and splitting the costs between each person.


Think about your location

Cheap accommodation sometimes isn't convenient – like if it's in the middle of nowhere and the transportation costs are cringe-worthy. Think central: aim for somewhere that has plenty of transport options, local attractions and plenty of food choices to take your pick from. Ultimately, if you can't walk to it, it's going to cost you more of a chunk out of your budget.


Stay for more than one night

A pro tip from us is that you stay more than one night, you generally get a better deal. This is especially true if it’s for three to four nights and in the off-season.


Choose Sunday

Most travellers bail out by Sunday morning and use Friday and Saturday as their main days. If you switch your stay to include Sunday, there's a possibility you might snipe up a cheaper fee.


Stay mid-week

In some locations, avoiding the bustle that Friday through to Sunday brings is desiring. For cheaper hotel accommodation, opt for a getaway in the middle of the week and avoid the party-goers.


Double-check the dining options

In-room service can be pricey so make sure you have access to local cafes and restaurants if you need them. Alternatively, cook onsite as much as you can, so you can avoid excess expenses when it comes to eating out.


What are your top tips for a budget-friendly adventure?