You Don’t Need to Stay in an Expensive Hotel

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08:00 AM

If you’re traveling in Newcastle, New South Wales, chances are you’ll spend the majority of your time out and about. If you’re spending most of the day out, you don’t really need to pay for an expensive hotel. Whether you’re traveling for work or you’re on a road trip with your friends or family, there are plenty of sites to see when you’re in Australia. Here are a few reasons you don’t need an expensive hotel and a motel can serve the same purpose without blowing a hole through your pocket:

1.    It Costs Less

If you’re on a road trip, you’re most likely going to be visiting multiple destinations – if you want to see more places, spend less at each location. Motels might not offer the glamour of a hotel room, but you’ll still have a comfortable space to spend time in when you’re not out exploring.

2.    It’s Closer to the Road

Motels are designed for quick access, one-night stays, and more. Especially if you’re traveling in a large group (or one that includes children), a motel is quick to reach. Not to mention, it’ll be smaller than a hotel so your children won’t get lost on a random floor with you running around frantically.

3.    It’s Designed for Comfort

Some hotels are fancy to the point where you might even be scared to walk out until you’re properly dressed, looking great. Motels have a more relaxed environment where you can grab your breakfast while you’re dressed in your favourite pair of sweatpants.

4.    It’s Pet-Friendly

Most motels allow your pets to stay with you, something that you won’t be able to do at a hotel. If your dog is enjoying the backseat during your road trip, you can take it with you to your motel so that they can also get in on the holiday fun.

5.    It Provides a Range of Amenities

A motel provides nearly every service you can get at a hotel without a jaw-dropping bill at the end. The Reign Inn has a continental breakfast buffet, a swimming pool and a range of rooms including those designed specifically for people staying with their pets! Apart from that, you have access to all the other basics you’ll need in your room such as internet access, television and a range of other housekeeping facilities like an iron, a microwave and so on.


Explore Freely

Book a room at the Reign Inn and explore Newcastle and Mayfield at your own pace. Just stop by your motel room, freshen up, and then head out to visit the local markets, antique stores, take a stroll by the beach or enjoy a picnic at the park.

End the day with a relaxing outdoor barbecue or enjoy a pre-dinner swim with your friends or family at the motel.