It is still common courtesy to show respect to cleaners from the way you leave your hotel room

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One of the best things about staying in a hotel is, without a doubt, the housekeeping services. It is the idea that you are allowed to make a mess, and will not be held accountable for it, and won’t have to clean it up yourself.

However, if you’re one of those people who guiltily look at a messy hotel room before checking out and rush in to straighten things up for the cleaners, you’re on the right path. After all, it is common courtesy and respect to leave your hotel room relatively clutter-free so that the cleaners do not have to spend too much time and energy keeping things back in their place. Remember, cleaners only have 20 minutes to clean up before they hand the room over to another customer.

How to Leave Your Hotel Room

People from all over the world will use the same hotel room as you, and instead of burdening the cleaners, you can try to help them. Here are some things you can do to make their job easier:

Don’t Fold Dirty Towels

If you have dirty, wet towels that have already been used, don’t fold them up and place them with the clean towels. This makes the job of cleaners harder as they have to figure out which towels are clean and which ones are used.

Instead, gather all dirty towels on one spot- either in the bathtub or in the laundry basket. This will make it easier for cleaners to pick them up.

Don’t Make the Bed

Shocking, right! The truth is that many of us don’t like leaving the room untidy when checking out of a hotel. We might think that making the bed will make our rooms look better. However, the hotel cleaning service will only have to take the entire bed apart to change the sheets and covers.

However, you can still keep your room clean by not leaving any hair in the drain and cleaning up any bodily fluid that may have dirtied any surfaces in the room. You MUST also flush the toilet after you use it, and try to cover up any lingering smell by making use of the hotel-provided air freshener. Before leaving your room, a good practice is to leave the windows open to allow fresh air to enter the space.

Gather the Garbage

To show respect to the hotel cleaners, do not leave your garbage at different spots in the room. This will only make their job more challenging as they will have to look for bottles and boxes around the room and gather them all separately.

If your garbage cannot fit in the hotel-provided trash cans, simply ask for a garbage bag. Pick up all the trash, including wrappers and used shampoo bottles, as well as dirty tampons, and collect them in the bag. Knot the bag tightly and leave it in one spot. Believe us; your hotel cleaners will be grateful for a customer like you.

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